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This show is made up of two friends who almost simultaneously went through breakups of their marriage as their wives left the marriage.  They met one night at Glenn's neighbor's party he was throwing for his son who just turned legal drinking age.  Rick who is Glenn's neighbor's brother in law was also there, and that's how they met.  They soon discovered that they were both in radio, and at the same station at different times. 


Glenn Boychuk aka Glennboy (radio name, nickname and website address for his voiceover business at, is a Voice Over Actor who had been a radio morning show host and voice over expert for over 20 years. Hailing from Winnipeg, Canada, Glennboy did morning show stints in Phoenix, Minneapolis, San Fransisco, Las Vegas (where he beat Howard Stern on a Country station) and settled his family to raise them up in a better place in Omaha, NE.  During that time he's written, voiced, produced and created a lot of material, from radio bits to thousands of commercials for Radio and TV, e-learning, audiobooks, podcasts, internet advertising, voices for film nationally and internationally, cartoon voices, as well as various dialects and accents. Growing up in the multi cultural city of Winnipeg, in Canada (Home of the NHL's Winnipeg Jets), he was able to pick up a lot of different voices in his formative years and continues to add to his repertoire. He also occasionally hosts some local game show gigs as the white Steve Harvey doing Wheel of Fortune gigs for corporate events and parties. He has three kids all by the same woman, two oldest are boys and the youngest is a young lady. He coached them in baseball, hockey, and hopefully life.


Rick Bultez is a successful radio personality, now Hypnotist, who has been entertaining audiences for 20 years. He is a certified Hypnotherapist through the national guild of hypnotists.

His spectacular display of mind power and antics can turn any skeptic into a fan. His stage shows are inventive, engaging as well as comedic. Rick tailors each show to the audience making every show original and dynamic for all age groups.

Rick is an active member of the national guild of hypnotists in good standing and runs a successful hypnotherapy practice as well. Rick is also created numerous self-help Audio messages to help those who desire a positive change in their lives. Each message features a full length hypnotic session ranging from weight loss to stop smoking. Rick also does sessions long distance via various platforms like Skype and Zoom.

You can see Rick's website for more info at

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The podcast for men who's wives have gone a little batshit crazy

OK, men too . . .

We're two guys talking from a guys perspective

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