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Thanks so much!

We are very thankful to Kenda Ruth for coming on the show to do two in a row, the first was an interview and the second was a listener Q & A, and they both rocked! If you haven't yet, grab the podcast feed in your phone on iTunes or the Google play store. Then you can take it with you. You can also listen right off the website too. It's even in Spotify and when I can get it figured out, it'll even be on Youtube. We are working on more guests, and continuing our pandemic podcasts, because it just makes sense. We actually have quite a few already done, but they came up prior to the virus hit, and so we'll sit on those for the time being. There's tons of great information in them, but we don't want to overwhelm you with too many episodes at once.

So with that being said, how many would you listen to in a week? Let us know at

Secondly, watch for our freebies coming up as we continue to grow with you and expand the site, and if you'd like a hypnotherapy session with Rick, whether it's just for some hypnotherapy to calm you and relax your mind, counseling, stop smoking, lose weight, he has a number of ways he can help you remotely. We got a buddy of mine on skype who'd been smoking for 45 years to stop cold turkey, and he's doing great, hasn't had another dart since.


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We've been having a blast helping many of you with the podcasts, and our recent and popular guest Kenda Ruth of the Hero's Spouse website. And as the title says, "coming soon" we are