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Disaster strikes, so why does it turn into something good?

Have you ever noticed that bored, out of necessity or tragedy, things are created or invented or designed? Take this podcast for example, it was born out of the pain that I Glennboy and Rick and I felt having gone through our marriage break ups. It was born because we wanted to help others who've been through similar circumstances. Many things in life happen like this. How many people do you know personally that have started a fundraiser, or an an event or or business or whatever it may be as a result of tragedy in their lives? It’s not usually out of happiness. I participated in many of those including one that was born out of a guy I know his daughter who had a full heart transplant. So he decided that he was going to do an annual run to benefit people in that situation. Our kids went to school together, his daughter was in my sons class. Would he have done it prior? Hell no. It was an amazing transformation seeing her get her new heart. She recuperated in record time, and was back in class shortly after a visit to the classroom. I believe she was only about 11 or 12 at the time. Wonderful family, and they decided to give back the only way they knew how. So he engaged with me, I hosted and promoted the event on my radio show and I was there for him and his family and the inagural event. Sadly this story didn’t end well, that girl flew for many years, and in spring 2020, she passed, the heart transplant somehow failed. She got a lot of years out of it, and it doubled the time with her family than what they could’ve had.

You’ve been through a lot too. What do you have that you can do? Something that would inspire others and yourself? Something that will give you juice and desire to get up every day? I don’t expect every one of you to have something you could do, but you might. What is your gift? And video gaming and heavy drinking doesn’t count. Being the fastest texter in your family is also out. What this will do is give you something else to focus on other than breakup shit. Gives you a purpose, something to feel good about. You may make new friends, find something you have in common, any number of things can happen. But give of yourself, and watch good, and great things come back to you.

We are doing personal coaching and hypnosis to help you focus, get out of your head and focus on a better future, and you can connect with us to get some help with your trying moments, stress, advice etc. We do coaching sessions and hypnosis over a Skype call, or whatever platform works for you, we just need to be able to see you.

If you have questions, hit us up, that’s why we’re here, your problems might be unique to you, something we personally haven’t experienced, and maybe we help you out with that by answering your question on a future show. Because we are delayed on getting it onto the show, we will answer the email as it comes in and give you as quick an answer as we can, and possibly connect with you on a private call, and we can talk about it and use it in a future show if you’re open to it. We’re here for you, we want to help you. We’re a been there, done some of that show. We haven’t been through everything, but we’ve been through a lot and have a lot to offer in that sense. And if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it. Or make it up.



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