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Hi Glennboy here, and thanks for checking out the page, and we hope you're enjoying the podcast. It's blowing up worldwide and we want to thank you for tuning in. There's going to be a live show coming up on May 4, and we'd love for you to join us. The exact hour is TBD depending on my daughters birthday plans that night. Should be about 8 CST. Download the app called Podbean for your phone from either the Google store or the App Store depending on the phone that you have and you'll be able to interact with us during the podcast, live. You can also log in from a computer too. The link will be provided here and on our facebook page which if you haven't yet, go like it so you can get updates from us. Podbean is the platform that hosts our podcasts That gives us the option to do it like a regular radio show where you can talk to us or send messages. We will have a guest, her name is Kenda - Ruth, she was on our last podcast and she is a stander. Someone who believes in standing for the marriage and doesn't give up. If you are someone who is in that situation and wants to know more about how to do that, feel free to message or call during that show. Her website is

Also coming soon to help you mentally and physically, Rick and I will be offering up some self-help Via a Skype or zoom session, and Rick can even do hypnosis if you wish to stop smoking, lose weight, feel better about yourself, lower your stress.

Talk to you all soon, and again, thanks for your support.

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