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Episode 008
008 - Midlife For Men
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Episode 009
009 - Midelife For Men
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This is a kid centric podcast about raising our kids effectively. What is the missing vitamin kids need from us parents, and no, it's not actually a food, why we are screwing up our kids big time, why so many are anxiety ridden, suicidal, and why they don't need drugs to solve it. They need you to be a parent.

Boys Town National Hotline 800-448-3000

Parenting with Love and Logic

John Rosemond

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I was on hiatus and it sucked, I was dating and now I'm not, sorta, a follow up to the hot statuesque fit blonde, and some new music that fits the theme in the way of jingles that I wrote and performed. 

Episode 010
010 - Midlife For Men
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Gone?  She's GONE? I can smell it . . so can everyone else, a hot night she will never remember, a tale of two brains which ultimately adds up to nothing but is very funny, and how to know if you're ready to get back into the dating pool

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Episode 013
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The podcast for men who's wives have gone a little batshit crazy

OK, men too . . .

We're two guys talking from a guys perspective

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