000 - mid life for men
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The first show explains who I am, what this podcast is about and why I'm doing it and why you will relate to it. If your woman checked out, listen to this. I feel ya.


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007- - Midlife For Men
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The Law of Attraction, what it is and how it works, The Top Do's and Dont's in your breakup, More fun with Facebook, and a original sorta jingle that applies to your situation I wrote and performed oh so badly


006 - Midlife for men
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What a show opening!  Tips from an expert on how to survive your wife's mid life crisis, I'm struggling with my emotions and the triggers that are causing it. I'm wasting money on women, and I can't stop it and an appropriate song from my comedian friend Sean Morey.


005 - midlife for men
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Get more information on the Women's Mid Life Crisis

Sean Morey's site

Steve Schirripa's Big Daddy's Rules

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Adversity, are we getting enough from the relationship split? Maybe not. Why you NEED to be present now more than ever in your kids lives, I'm an asshole, might still be, and some Do's and Don'ts on Facebook and more.

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Get more information on 33 the Series here


004 - mid life for men
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I interviewed one of the hosts of a program called 33 The Series, it's a mens group that shows men, how to be men, and fathers and husbands, and the tools you need to walk that walk with instructions most of us never get from our fathers. It has Christian values but doesn't beat you over the head with it and make you want to switch religions.  I never went to church and I got a lot out of this information

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Get more information on 33 the Series here


003 - Midlife For Men
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This is a very intimate look at the life changing friendship I encountered, a program every man should be required to take, I delve into how to use the 5 Love Languages, music you should NEVER listen to in your current state of mind, and my Dad and his brothers original recording (they're pros) as an example of what I'm talking about, a comedian highlight and more

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Bo Burnam, a comedian I feature, his video here

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, see it in action here 


002 - mid life for men
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Going deep on this one including info I wasn't planning on sharing about my situation, Things NOT to do according to a relationship expert, my first caller (funny), another installment of Love and Marriage-my comedic look at dating sites and much more 


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Dr Lee Baucom's site as mentioned in the podcast is here.

001 - mid life for men
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This second show covers a little more of my backstory, stats on the shit you're possibly experiencing and why, ways to be happier and as promised, some fun stuff too with a comedian friend of mine, and the first installment of Love and Marriage, a comedic look at dating websites.

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